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Ros Hart


I felt the need to keep Mal’s good name and wonderful character alive – he was my husband, soul mate and best friend. He touched so many people’s lives with his humour, kindness and lovely nature. I miss him every second of every day.


Lia Hart


My dad was my hero and role model. Being part of the foundation gives us a purpose and keeps dad’s memory and name alive. I will never never forget his kindness and wisdom.

Ronit Gerber Image.jpg

Ronit Gerber


Supporting Ros, Ben & Lia in making a difference to the lives of so many people in Malcolm's name is such a special way of honouring his memory.

Jackie Leigh Image.jpg

Jackie Leigh


It’s heartbreaking to lose anyone before their time - being on this committee gives us all a chance to remember Mal, talk about him and try and build something good from something tragic.

Lisa Reissner Image.jpg

Lisa Reissner


Malcolm was a genuinely lovely guy who had a wicked sense of humour. Having spent many wonderful times with the Hart family, I feel we should channel some of his zest for life into the foundation to help others. 


Ben Hart


My dad was, and continues to be, my hero and role model. The worst thing imaginable has hapenned, but at the very least we can do some good in his name.

Lisa Crese Image.jpg

Lisa Crese


I want to be on the committee to support Ros, Ben and Lia in building something positive out of this tragedy and to keep Malcolm’s name and memory alive through the foundation.

Paul Gerrard Image.jpg

Paul Gerrard


Every journey I have taken with Malcolm was notable. I want every initiative undertaken in his name to be just as memorable.

Jay Newport.jpg

Jay Newport


Mal always made me laugh. He was such good company and would do anything for people he cared for. I’m privileged to have known him.


Paul Silverstein


Malcolm will always be a part of my life, and in his own words, ‘a top geezer'.


Alex Welka


Malcolm was a very special friend of mine and my family. It is so important for me to be a part of this wonderful charity to ensure that Malcolm’s name lives on in our hearts and also in the hearts of others

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