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The MHF has a mission to make the journey of patients and family members going through the same nightmare experience easier to bear, by providing better facilities and comfort.


We are working alongside Hammersmith Hospital initially - where Mal was treated - but eventually other hospitals too - to provide services that are not in the NHS budget, but in our opinion, are equally important.


Having a loved one in ICU is the scariest thing we have ever lived through. At Hammersmith there is nowhere to go where you can just be without the constant craziness of a busy and loud hospital waiting room. We think it is really important to have a room where family members in despair can go and sit quietly and try to gather their thoughts, have a cup of tea, and have some time out.


As our first project, we are funding such a room at Hammersmith initially, and then other hospitals too.  It will be called the Malcolm Hart Quiet Room, and our aim is to have a Malcolm Hart Quiet Room in every hospital that needs one.


Malcolm was just 60 years old when he lost his courageous fight with Leukaemia. The disease won, and robbed us of a wonderful, kind man with a beautiful soul and a zest for life.


He had so much more living to do, and we are left with a huge Mal shaped hole in our lives. We, Mal’s family and friends, felt so lost, bereft, confused and devastated that he had been taken from us, and we felt that we needed to create something good and meaningful out of something so tragic and surreal.

The journey we had been on with Mal was a roller coaster ride, and we realised as we were living it, that some facilities and services were not available. The care Mal received was faultless and amazing. The NHS staff are dedicated and very special people, however, support for family members needs improving, as do some of the patient facilities.


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